Finding the hair salon for you in Paris

Whether you choose a hair and beauty salon, a hotel spa that also offers hairdressing, a hair spa, a celebrity hairstylist or a budget salon, the hairdressers of Paris will pamper your hair from root to tip!

All-in-One Hair and Beauty Salons in Paris

Hair care treatments, well-being and beauty for the face and body can all be found underone roof. These salons, sometimes classic, sometimes unusual all boast a sense ofhospitality, attentiveness to their clients and professional expertise. Your hair will get areal ‘consultation’ here, followed by adapted treatment rituals: nourishing cream,repairing balm, revitalizing mask, etc.In between a head massage and a cup of green tea, stylists will give you advice on whathaircuts will suit you best, reinterpret the latest trends from Fashion Week for you, orsimply satisfy your need for a sharp bob, Brazilian hair straightening or a blow-dry.

To combine a pretty haircut or the famous house balayage with a manicure, head to Salon Dessange Élysées, just a stone’s throw from the most beautiful avenue in the world. Expert stylists will be able to advise you on the style that will suit you best or make your dream look a reality. The same services are also available at high-end hairdressing expert Jean-Marc Maniatis's three Parisian salons.

Hotel spas offer this type of service too, so you can get a luxury haircut after a treatment. This is the case at the Ritz with its David Mallett area, at Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme with its Hair Room Service by John Nollet, at Le Burgundy with its haircare space by Nathalie Tuil and at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, which provides services such as Brazilian straightening and special occasion hairstyling by appointment. 

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Hair Spas in Paris

An import from Japan, hair spas (also known as ‘head spas’) are salons offering a complete wellness experience for your hair and scalp. Just like in a traditional spa, everything is designed to create a thoroughly relaxing experience. An attentive welcome, tasteful decor, sometimes with individual booths, subdued lightingand light music: they're a world away from the sometimes intense atmosphere of standard hair salons. As well ashaircuts, these salons offer massages (shoulders, neck, scalp, shiatsu facial, etc.), pretreatmentconsultations, steam baths, poultices and treatments using high qualityproducts which are often organic. Indulge yourself!

For some self-care as well as some pampering for your hair, you can make an appointment at Le Salon d’Angélique in the 8th arrondissement, which offers a whole menu of Hair Spa treatments with massages, scrubs and treatments, not only for the head and neck but also for the hands and feet.

Superstars Hairsalon has a Japanese style, which is no surprise considering the brand also has a salon in the centre of Tokyo! The cuts here are clean and one thing the brand is known for is its expertise in layering. And the cherry on the cake is that every cut comes with a massage - a massive plus if you want a more relaxing experience!

Some salons have more than established their expertise in haircare treatments. Leonor Greyl is a leading example, with its customized deep treatments. There are poultices, massages, tailor-made formulas and more to leave your hair completely revitalized!

Hairstylists to the stars in Paris

The biggest named celebrity hairstylists welcome you like a VIP for bespoke haircuts and colouring. These hands have styled the hair of actresses, models, TV stars … and you! Hair stylistswelcome you at exceptional venues.In a large hotel suite, an artist’s loft, or a luxurious apartment, an appointment at the hairsalon becomes a unique experienceA team of handpicked colourists and stylists, allcarefully trained, take time to observe and listen to you before expertly cutting and colouring your hair.

Coiff1rst have a simple philosophy: getting your hair done is an undeniable source of well-being. For this reason, all of the brand’s salons are in special locations and have particularly elegant decor. What attracts customers is the unique stamp of creator Eric Pfalzgraf, who has invented his own balayage technique for customized, soft and nuanced colour.

To get the same colour as Sophie Marceau, Cécile de France, Mylène Farmer or Jodie Foster, head to the salon Coloré par Rodolphe. In this beautiful studio on Place Vendôme, Rodolphe Lombard plays with different shades, taking inspiration from nature, his customers and their lives (or their roles!) to create each person's ideal colour.

The same pursuit of excellence can be seen at the nearby salon by David Mallett, whose customers include celebrities the likes of Sharon Stone and Marion Cotillard. Thanks to his top-quality treatments, perfect cuts, colours and blow-dries, the celebrity hairstylist has earned quite the reputation. To the point that he has recently been invited to open a hairstyling area at the Ritz’s spa.

Hairdresser to the stars Sarah Guetta provides her services in an intimate and innovative space that makes customers feel at ease straight away. She is known for her dry cuts, but there is much more to her talent. She makes everyone who sits in her chair feel a million dollars.

Express haircuts in Paris

Perfect for a quick blow-dry, hairdressing bars can also create all the chignons and hairstyles of the season. 

Not enough time or money for an appointment at a classic hair salon? Wanting a change ofhairstyle for a particular event or a party? Designed for just these kinds of situations, hairstyling, bun and blow-dry bars can be found all over the city and are even making a placefor themselves in the beauty areas of large department stores in Paris. Here you can get an express blow-dry (on hair which has been dampened using a spray), aFrench twist, a sophisticated chignon or a messy-looking one ... In 10 to 30 minutes, you’llleave with a perfect hairdo, and without breaking the bank! You can find this at the salon 109Grenelle or at Bar à Styles by Jean-Louis David.

Created in 2011, Didact Hair are reinventing hair salons, offering several different counters where you can get your hair styled quickly to very quickly; there are counters for treatments, for fringes, for blow-drying, for men, for blondes and for long hair. In sometimes less than 30 minutes, you can have a perfectly trimmed fringe or a bun for an event. A fantastic idea!

Hairdresser Christophe-Nicolas Biot has demonstrated his unique understanding of our changing world with video call consultations and France’s first ‘bun bars’, and now he’s doing it again with an express dry cut service. In less than 10 minutes, you can get the hair around your face touched up. In another 10, a simple but effective cut. And in 30 minutes, you can have it styled as well!

Affordable Salons in Paris

There’s nowhere better for getting your hair done on a budget than hairdressing schools. You’ll be providing practice for students and apprentices - supervised by their teachers, of course. These appointments, either free or for less than 10 euros, are a way of helping out and getting something in return. Numerous services are available depending on your needs: cuts, colours, blow-dries, styling, etc. Enquire at the L’Oréal, Franck Roche or Franck Provost academies, Dessange Formation or Toni & Guy Academy. There are also low-cost hairdressing chains with salons in Paris, such as Coiff&Co and Tchip Coiffure.