Finding a barbershop in Paris

What a pleasure to treat yourself to a traditional shave, an exclusive treatment for men. A whole ritual you can experience in various Parisian establishments.

Services available at barbershops in Paris

Just like in a black and white film ... on a trip to the barbershop you’ll see a fewlegendary techniques and items: a 1950s armchair, shaving brush, shaving soap and cream,straight razors, hot towels, etc. Combining traditional techniques with a new generation of high-performance products, the barbers of Paris give gentlemen a moment of bliss. As well as hairstyling and shaves, they offer moustache shaping and trims for beards and all their variations like the goatee or the circle beard, the small, short beard made up of a moustache and a chin beard that was made fashionable by American rappers. 

Between big salons and local barbers, you’ll have no shortage of choices for sharpening up your look.

Barbershops in Paris

La barbière de Paris is one of Paris’s top spots for male grooming. Sarah Hamizi, a barber since 2000, offers numerous services at her chain’s four branches: cuts and colours for hair and beards, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures and more. 

A blend of old and new, the salon Belom has it all in one. This Montmartre salon exudes a charming retro vibe with its extra-large comfy leather armchairs. From beard trims to haircuts, facial and body treatments to hair removal, all the services here have been designed for men. And the bonus is that the salon takes everyday actions to help the environment, using organic and natural products and limiting waste and plastic containers, for example.

For a wonderful trip back in time, head to Alain Maître Barbier Coiffeur, a salon and museum in the 3rd arrondissement. Master barber Alain shaves and styles hair using traditional methods and authentic equipment in an old-style setting. Passionate about what he does, he has written a book on the subject and also offers some of his favourite products for sale.

Local businesses are popping up all over the city to keep a quintessentially masculine practice going. Some salons, thanks to their miracle formulas, perfect cuts and expertise, have been able to expand and have opened up additional branches. These include Grizzly Barber Shop, Les Maîtres Barbiers Perruquiers, Les Garçons BarbiersBig Moustache and Gentlemen 1919, notable for its speakeasy-style cocktail bar.