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Getting around in eco-friendly cars

Independent travel in Paris in an eco-friendly car.

For travellers who prefer to get around by car, Paris already has initiatives that enable you to travel by car and go to, or be dropped off directly at, the entrance to the place you want to get to, whilst minimizing your impact on the environment.

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More Eco-friendly Taxis

Some taxi companies offer fleets of vehicles that operate with hybrid technology or electric, or are equipped with combustion engine that emits less CO2, and for an equivalent journey cost:

  • G7 Green service for the company TAXISG7 (3,500 hybrid or electric vehicles in 2018).

More Eco-friendly chauffeur-driven vehicles

Some chauffeur-driven vehicle companies specialize in greener travel by using only a range of vehicles with thermal/electric hybrid or electric technology:

  • uberGREEN for the company Uber;
  • Marcel (fleet of 100 vehicles in 2018, with a goal of 500 in 2019);
  • Green Shuttle to Paris (fleet of hybrid vehicles);
  • Green Tomato Cars (fleet of hybrid vehicles, offsetting of carbon emissions and support for urban hives);
  • Greenlux Car (private transport but also the rental of clean vehicles, 100% digital - zero paper, use of recyclable consumables, support for ecosystem ptrotection);
  • Paris Green Car for transfers to airports and train stations (fleet of hybrid vehicles and carbon offsetting).

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