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En route to the 2024 Paris 2024 Olympic Games: the Cultural Olympiad gets underway

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games share the values of Olympism and showcase French sports, arts, culture, and heritage. These fields and disciplines interact during the Cultural Olympiad, held in Paris until the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games in September 2024

Paris Cultural Olympiad

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Pierre de Coubertin, known as the father of the modern Olympic Games, believed that the combination of ‘muscle and mind’ (sport and art) was one of the core values of the Games. Although sculpture, architecture, literature, music, and painting were considered Olympic disciplines from 1912 to 1949, the arts gradually disappeared from the competitions. Nevertheless, these artistic disciplines are well represented during the games in the Cultural Olympiad – and a key part of the charter of the Games – organized alongside this major world sporting event.

For three seasons, Paris will be programming cultural, artistic, sporting and heritage events to showcase the cultural richness of France and create exciting experiences and memories for as many people as possible.

Programme of the Paris Cultural Olympiad

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In 2022, the City of Paris is launching a major call for projects to create a varied and attractive programme of events. Artists, associations, cultural and sports institutions, and many others, can submit their ideas. There are a number of selection criteria: the project must be linked to sport and artistic expression, take place in a sports venue, or highlight fundamental values of sport and culture such as diversity, inclusiveness, or excellence ...

Our selection of Cultural Olympiad events

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