Restaurant Le Tsé

Foreign specialities

In Paris, some foreign chefs offer more elaborate versions of their culinary specialities.
Asian cooking remains a favourite of Parisians in search of foreign flavours.
On the menu: great African specialities (maffé, alloco, etc.) world cooking classics (chicken Israeli style, etc.).
Indian cooking is as refined as it is spicy.
Fancy trying something different? How about a culinary journey to Northern and Eastern Europe?
Ever popular, mouth-watering dishes from Spain to Greece : pasta, paella, moussaka, etc.
As well as famous hamburgers, North-American cooking offers delicious dishes (fried chicken...).
Oriental cooking (couscous, tajines, pastries, etc.) delights the senses.
On the menu: cooking from South-America (feijoada, bife de Lomo, ceviche) and Mexico (fajitas, burritos).
The burger is back on the menu, gourmet style, for the pleasure of foodies