Precautions to take in terms of communication

The use of names, symbols and words attached to the Olympic and Paralympic Games is strictly regulated. Professionals must be vigilant in their use and communication tools.

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) and the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) are the owners of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

These trademarks are strictly protected, as well as all visual and verbal elements relating to them: logos, symbols, emblems, slogans, mascots, trademarks, mottos, anthems, qualifiers, logos, typography, etc.

This document (only in french) presents the ensemble of protected elements.

Any promotional or commercial use, other than the conditions granted to official partners, is strictly forbidden.

The Organising Committee Paris 2024 is responsible for the proper management of all these elements, the use of which is reserved for official partners. It ensures that the rules are respected and strictly enforced.

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