Tourist tax in Paris

Everything you need to know about the compulsory tourist tax in Paris

Paris tourist tax is a compulsory tax that visitors must pay when staying in the capital. Find out all the practical information about this tax: conditions, rates, types of accommodation concerned, etc.

Why is there a tourist tax ?

The tourist tax is intended to contribute to the development and promotion of tourism by enabling French municipalities, including Paris, to finance expenses linked to tourist arrivals or to the protection of their natural areas. Other European countries (Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, and Greece) have also taken the decision to apply a tourist tax.

Who does it concern ?

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All travellers staying in one of the following types of accommodation have a legal obligation to pay the tourist tax: palaces, tourist hotels, aparthotels, furnished rentals, Bed & Breakfasts, holiday villages, accommodation outdoors and youth hostels.

Practical info

The amount of the tourist tax varies from **€0.65 (for 1- and 2-star campsites) to **€14.95 (for palaces) per person and per night.

This amount must be displayed in the accommodation and must appear on the invoice issued but is not always included in the price of the accommodation. It is therefore usual that the hotelier, the proprietor or owner asks the traveller to pay it separately.

Below are details of the amount of tourist tax in Paris by category of accommodation :

Palaces €14.95
Hotels and aparthotels, furnished rentals: 5 stars €10.73
Hotels and aparthotels, furnished rentals: 4 stars €8.13
Hotels and aparthotels, furnished rentals: 3 stars €5.20
Hotels and aparthotels, furnished rentals: 2 stars €3.25
Hotels and aparthotels, furnished rentals: 1 star. Holiday villages: 1, 2 and 3 stars. Bed & Breakfasts. Youth hostels €2.60
Campsites: 3, 4 and 5 stars €1.95
Campsites: 1 and 2 stars €0.65
Accommodation waiting for classification or without classification Proportional taxation 5% of the cost of the night excluding tax with a ceiling of €14.95

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