The French 'Tourisme & Handicap' State quality rating

The 'Tourisme & Handicap' mark, a guarantee of quality for disabled people.

A quality approach for people with disabilities

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The Tourisme & Handicap label, created in 2001, is a response to demand from people with disabilities who want to be able to choose their holidays and leisure activities in complete freedom, and have the guarantee of full accessibility to the facilities and services on offer.

Objectives of the label

  • For tourists, the label is proof of the manager's commitment to accessibility, and a guarantee of an efficient and appropriate welcome.
  • For tourism professionals, the label is recognition of efforts to improve accessibility and welcome customers with special needs. It also represents a competitive advantage over non-labelled areas.

How the label works

The label can be awarded to a venue for 2, 3 or 4 disabilities: motor, visual, auditory and mental. The pictogram corresponding to the disability concerned by the accessibility is affixed next to the "Tourisme & Handicap" logo. For example, the "motor disability" pictogram guarantees the presence of the facilities needed for a person with reduced mobility to use the premises (lift, toilets, ramp, etc.). Visitors should therefore check for which disability(ies) the facility has been labelled.The label is awarded for a period of 5 years, renewable by amendment after checking that the reception and accessibility criteria have been maintained.

The list of professionals eligible for the label is very extensive:

Accommodation: hotels, holiday villages, bed and breakfasts, tourist residences, furnished holiday accommodation, campsites, etc.
Eating and drinking establishments: restaurants, bars, brasseries, etc.
Tourist attractions: monuments, museums, exhibition halls, castles, gardens, etc.
Leisure facilities: theme parks, theatres, sports facilities, etc.

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