South-west specialties

Duck breast, foie gras, Toulouse sausage: the cooking of south-west France is hearty and varied.

Gascony, Tarn, the Basque country and Bordeaux have all contributed to the reputation of cooking from south-west France. Traditional dishes include duck breast, rack of lamb, foie gras, salade landaise (mixed salad with duck foie gras, duck breast and gizzards), cassoulet (a white bean stew using different kinds of meat), Toulouse sausage, farçous (prune and swiss chard pancakes), garlic soup and other dishes featuring Perigord truffles. Desserts include cannelés bordelais (fluted, caramelized rum and vanilla cakes), croquants de Cordes (almond biscuits), croustade (a flaky pastry case filled with garnish) and several others made with violet syrup.