Paris for babies and toddlers

Paris is a family-friendly city with lots of activities for babies and toddlers.

Well-being for babies in Paris

Babies, like adults, can have a massage or take part in gyms sessions specially adapted to their age. A made-to-measure programme to help them grow up in an enjoyable way.

And for new-born babies, the Espace Weleda in central Paris organizes massage workshops for babies. Gentle massage techniques to use every day to create a special bond with your child are taught to parents.

Stories for young children in Paris

The imagination is at work from birth. To help young children construct their own world, early-learning reading activities are offered throughout the city.

The magazine for children Tralalire and the Atelier de la Bonne Graine, for example, organize workshops for children aged 2 to 6. Fun and didactic, they take place on the first Saturday of each month. Pre-booking necessary.

An introduction to artistic creation for babies in Paris

It is never too early to discover the world of art. Cultural establishments in Paris offer quality artistic programmes for young children. 

At the Philharmonie de Paris, introduction to music workshops are held on Wednesday and Friday. These workshops aimed at babies aged from 3 months to children aged 3 are a great family experience. Parents accompany their child as they take their first musical steps and take part in memory games based on musical instruments.

Based on Montessori pedagogy, the ‘musical moments’ workshops at Koko Cabane offer an initiation into sound and touch (via musical instruments) for young children accompanied by their parents. The emphasis is on song and dance through simple rhythms.