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3x3 basketball in Paris

Discover 3x3 basketball, a recent Olympic sport: the rules of the game, the places where you can play it in Paris, the dates and the venue of the competitions during the Paris 2024 Games and the portrait of an athlete

More intense and energetic than standard basketball, the 3x3 basketball matches promise to be very exciting at the Paris 2024 Games, after a successful Olympic introduction in Tokyo in 2021.

3x3 basketball: presentation of the sport

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The name leaves little room for doubt. In 3x3 basketball - the street version of standard basketball which has five versus five players - two teams of three players face off. Another significant difference: 3x3 basketball is played on one single basket, unlike standard basketball. This distinctive feature dates to the origins of the sport. In the 1980s, in the United States, when they played basketball people often had to make do with a single basket on the garage of their house or inside a municipal court.

Initially played as an informal game, 3x3 basketball became more structured towards the end of the 2000s thanks to the International Basketball Federation. In 2010, 3x3 basketball made its appearance at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Over a decade later, it made its debut at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. The United States won the gold medal in the women’s category and Latvia in the men’s.

The specifics of 3x3 basketball make it a spectacular, strenuous and highly energetic sport. Two teams comprising three players face off on a half-court and share a single basket both when defending and attacking. The matches last for ten minutes. A successful shot earns one point and a successful shot from a distance earns two points. If a team scores twenty-one points before the end of the regulation game time, the match is over. In case of a draw at the end of ten minutes, the first team to score two points wins the match.

At the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, eight teams of four players each will go head to head in both the women’s and men’s matches. The competition will begin with a pool stage during which all the countries play each other. The pool stage will be followed by single elimination, all the way to the Olympic final.

As for the standard basketball, the United States team is expected to be a serious contender for the gold medal at the Paris 2024 Games. In 2023, the U.S. women’s team won the world cup title and the men won the silver medal.

Other countries to watch out for: Serbia, winner of the men’s 2023 world cup and – also the men’s team - Latvia, the gold medal winner at the Tokyo Games in 2021. The French women’s team, a finalist at the 2023 world cup and world champion in 2022, is an outsider to be reckoned with.

Places where you can play 3x3 basketball in Paris

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Paris has numerous 3x3 basketball playgrounds. Free and entirely renovated, they are part of the legacy of the Paris 2024 Games. There are three 3x3 basketball courts at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in the Parc du Champ de Mars. The playground in the Square Léon in the 18th arrondissement features a woman’s face painted by the contemporary artist Elka to highlight women’s place in sport. In the 20th arrondissement of Paris, the Luquet 3x3 basketball court has been renovated by the NBA - the famous North American basketball league – and decorated by the Parisian street artist Kekli.

For players who want to go one step further, 3x3 basketball is also played in clubs such as the Eiffel Basket Club and Basket Paris 14 which hold training sessions.

And because the Paris 2024 Games are about more than just sport, Paris je t'aime invites all visitors, both amateur players and the merely curious, to SPOT24, a hybrid venue devoted in particular to the new Olympic sports. Set up near the Eiffel Tower, SPOT24 hosts an exhibition featuring iconic pieces from the Lausanne Olympic Museum as well as original creations. Live events, battles and introductions to sport focusing – among other things – on 3x3 basketball feature on the programme.

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The 3x3 basketball Olympic venue in Paris

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At the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, 3x3 basketball will take over the streets. The matches take place outdoors and in the heart of Paris from 30 July to 5 August 2024, on Place de la Concorde in the 8th arrondissement. An ideal and spectacular setting for this quintessentially urban sport.

Laëtitia Guapo, The Frenchwoman to watch in 3x3 basketball

Laëtitia Guapo is the queen of 3x3 basketball in France and she is world-renowned. A senior player on the French team, she took part in 3x3 basketball’s Olympic debut in Tokyo in 2021. France placed fourth in Japan. A year later, in 2022, she was crowned world champion together with her fellow players on the French team and, on an individual basis, she was elected best player of the tournament. From September 2019 to August 2021, she was world number one in 3x3 basketball in the ranking established by the International Basketball Federation.

In summer 2024, playing at home, Laëtitia Guapo dreams of winning the gold medal at the Paris 2024 Games with the French team, which would be an Olympic and historic win.

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