Quartier du Sentier

Rue du Mail - Rue d'Aboukir - Rue de Cléry - 75002 Paris Opéra - Grands Boulevards
The district known as the Quartier du Sentier nestles in a spot near the Grands Boulevards, between rue du Sentier, boulevard Sébastopol and rue Réaumur. In the Middle Ages it was considered the most dangerous place in Paris, frightening away even the police! Today this block of buildings hums with activity with its fabric shops. In recent years, this activity has diversified, and indeed a great many Internet start-ups have taken addresses here, renaming the area "Silicon Sentier".
Crisscrossed by rue du Caire, rue d’Aboukir and rue du Nil, the street names recall Napoleon's Egyptian campaign in 1798.
Parisians prize Quartier du Sentier especially for one of its streets: rue Montorgueil. Greengrocers, cafés, restaurants and grocers all give life to this quaint pedestrians-only street, not to be missed by those who really want to taste life the way the Parisians live it.


Rue du Mail - Rue d'Aboukir - Rue de Cléry
75002 Paris
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