Guided tours of Paris

Paris is a multifaceted city and there are thousands of ways to discover it. Follow the guide …
Off the beaten track, there are hidden nooks and crannies unknown to the majority of tourists that also sum up the magic of Paris
An original way to have a guided tour of Paris is … to hop on a bike and follow the guide!
In a horse-drawn carriage, a little train or a hot-air balloon, discover Paris in an offbeat way!
Find out more about Paris’s heritage on a guided tour with a Tourist Guide
A guided tour in your language? See the list.
Paris offers you a myriad of flavours to discover during your stay
Guided garden tours and gardening workshops are just two of the ways to get close to nature in Greater Paris
A selection of museums and monuments arrange visits and workshops for children from 3 years old
Unusual visits: the hidden side of Parisian monuments.
A stay in Paris is the perfect opportunity to discover France and its treasures.