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Paris Plages

Tout Paris, Paris - 75 Paris
Summer 2024

Over the summer, Paris becomes a seaside resort with the Paris Plages (Paris Beaches) event.

Every summer, the Paris riverbanks take on the look of a seaside resort with parasols, deckchairs, palm trees ... everything you need to enjoy summer living at 2 main locations: the Parc Rives de Seine, the La Villette canal basin. There are lots of activities for grown-ups and kids: bathing and water sports at La Villette canal basin, as well as workshops for kids, board games, books, exhibitions, plus lots of sports-related events linked to Paris's bid for the 2024 Olympic Games. And if the weather’s hot, you can cool off at one of the onsite open-air refreshment kiosks or ice-cream sellers!
Parc Rives de Seine and La Villette canal basin.
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75 Paris