Bibliothèque historique de la Ville de Paris - BHVP

Hôtel de Lamoignon - 24 rue Pavée - 75004 Paris Le Marais
The Bibliothèque Historique, which houses the Service des Travaux Historiques de la Ville de Paris, strives to protect, enrich and help visitors discover the history of Paris through the written word - printed works, manuscripts, maps, drawings and stories. The Bibliothèque Historique brings together collections of documents on the history of Paris and the Paris region which enables visitors to approach all historical aspects concerning the capital. Its collections, bringing together some 15,000 maps, manuscripts and printed works from the 16th century to the present day, are enriched by a number of special collections. It has been housed in the Hôtel d'Angoulême Lamoignon since 1969. Browsing on site, information my post.


Hôtel de Lamoignon - 24 rue Pavée
75004 Paris
Public transportation
7Pont Marie Cité des Arts
8Chemin Vert

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