Paris in Street Art

From the Villette canal basin to the famous Marais district passing through the 13th arrondissement and the inner suburbs, there are many fine examples of street art to hunt out on these urban strolls that take you off the beaten track.

Explore Paris and its street art on themed tours

Take a walk around the streets of Paris with a guide specializing in the underground culture of the City of Light.

From the faubourgs of Ménilmontant to the far corners of the Marais, Fresh Street Art Tour Paris takes you on an exciting 3-hour urban exploration of this huge ‘open air museum’ full of surprises!

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Colourful districts in the north-east of Paris

Set off on an arty exploration via the Canal de l’Ourcq. As you stroll from La Villette to Pantin, you will be able to admire monumental works of street art such as the longest mural in the Rue d'Aubervilliers (19th). Extending over 493 metres, the work is a tribute to the symbolic historical figure Rosa Parks.  And, since street art knows no boundaries, discover Street-Art Avenue that crosses the Canal Saint-Denis. The countless murals form a veritable open-air exhibition, a reflection of the transformation of the city of Saint Denis, mixing ancient and modern architecture.

Central Paris: a discovery tour of Haussmannian architecture and its artistic graffiti

From the district of Les Halles to the former home of Serge Gainsbourg, the walls of the city centre are a playground for artists.

On Place Igor-Stravinsky (4th) for example, a 350 m² mural depicts the enigmatic face of a man holding a finger to his mouth in a call for silence - a monumental stencil work signed Jef Aérosol. And in the Rue de la Verrerie (4th), M.Chat has covered the roller shutter of the BHV men’s department store with his yellow cats.

On the other bank of the Seine, in Rue de Verneuil (7th), is the former home of the singer and poet Serge Gainsbourg. Since his death in 1991, its wall is regularly covered with graffiti, drawings, paintings and collages, a tribute to this popular French musician.

Trips around the 13th arrondissement and Vitry sur Seine: an open-air museum

The 13th arrondissement is THE ideal place to stroll and admire many forms of urban art. This district offers many architectural sources of inspiration. Look out for countless works created by internationally renowned artists - such as the French artist Invader - that can be seen around the Nationale metro station, in the street Rue Jeanne D’Arc and the Boulevard Vincent Auriol. 

The town of Vitry-Sur-Seine to the South of Paris is also a renowned showcase for street art with murals visible all around the town, such as on street lamps, low walls and other urban furniture.  Note for example, the iconic work Man/Robot by the Italian artist Pixel Pancho in the Rue de Pierre Semard.