Get innovative with Station F

Station F, the world's largest start-up campus, opens its doors for your corporate events in an atmosphere that encourages creativity.

Located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the Station F incubator houses 1,000 start-ups as well as other professionals in the ecosystem of its campus, making it a unique hub of innovation. This 34,000 m² building offers multiple spaces for your events, easily adapted to fit your event needs.

The mezzanines

Overlooking La Felicita, Station F's huge restaurant with five kitchens, the two mezzanines, Amazonia and Biblioteca, can accommodate up to 180 people for cocktails and 90 for seated dinners. Thanks to the restaurant's friendly atmosphere and its atypical decoration, the mezzanines are perfect for an afterwork or cocktail parties. The Amazonia mezzanine will take you on a journey with its exotic vegetation and trattoria-like furniture, while the Biblioteca mezzanine will remind you of the studious atmosphere of period libraries.

The Open Platform, Open Stage and Master Stage auditorium

The 900 m² Open Platform, surrounded by the campus partners, investors, and the French Tech community, is truly a blank canvas, allowing you to customize your event as you see fit. Adaptable to trade shows, cocktail parties and conferences, this platform can accommodate up to 700 people standing and 350 seated.  A TV system permits you to organize a 100% digital event or a hybrid event with up to 300 people on site, completing this atypical space.

The Open Stage, also an open space, is ideal for your conferences and pitch sessions for up to 100 people. Guests seated on the large bleachers will be able to contemplate the scale of the historic building.

A 352-seat auditorium with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment completes this vast event space at the entrance to Station F.

In small groups

For more intimate events, the Junior Stage room, on the second floor, hosts your workshops or meetings for up to 50 people. Opposite it, the Creativity Room is an informal meeting room with colourful decor and a large board to unleash your team's creativity.  Designed to inspire group work, this room can accommodate up to 25 people in meetings.

Digital and hybrid events

In addition to the TV system located on the Open Platform, Station F also offers a podcast studio allowing you to record high quality podcasts, as well as the possibility to record and/or broadcast your event live in all the station's event spaces.