8 tips for enjoying Paris while staying safe

A few tips to discover Paris peacefully !

To fully enjoy Paris, here are a few basic guidelines and some common-sense attitudes to adopt:

1. Beware of pickpockets

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Busy areas and tourist areas in particular are zones that attract pickpockets. It is therefore important to be vigilant and keep your personal belongings in your bag, check that it is well closed and wear it in front of you.

2. Make payments by banker’s card

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To avoid theft, avoid carrying large sums of money (and if you have some, keep your eye on it). Favour payments by banker’s card or mobile phone.

3. Remain vigilant

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Look out for any unusual behaviour such as people coming up to you to ask you to sign (fake) petitions or play at ‘bonneteau’, (a game with 3 cards or 3 plastic cups), a swindle. These are also strategies to distract you from paying attention to your personal belongings.

4. Keep your baggage close to you

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It is advisable to keep your baggage and personal belongings close to you. 

5. Keep a copy of your ID papers

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Make copies of your identity papers and keep them in a safe place, even in digital version in your email box. In the event of loss or theft, you will always have a copy of these precious documents.

6. Contact the relevant authorities after the loss or theft of your ID papers

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In the event of the loss or theft of your identity papers, contact your consulate and make a declaration of the incident to the police. These authorities will help you to take the necessary administrative steps.

7. If you are assaulted, call an emergency number

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If you are assaulted, make as much noise as possible to attract the attention of people nearby and take refuge somewhere safe. Contact the police by calling 17 or the emergency services by calling 112.

8. Lodge a complaint in any language with SAVE

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The assistance system for foreign victims is a software application enabling any foreigner to lodge a complaint with a police officer, in their native language. The police officer will then give them a receipt in their language of origin to simplify administrative procedures at their embassy.