Lyon region specialties

Several restaurants serve the finest regional specialities from Lyon.

Lyon is famed for its gastronomy, and its hearty regional cooking specialities are highly reputed. Traditional restaurants in Lyon, known as ‘bouchons’, serve typical dishes such as tablier de sapeur (braded, marinated tripe), quenelles (dumplings, traditionally made here with pike), salade lyonnaise (salad with bacon cubes, croutons and a poached egg), gratin d'andouillette (oven-cooked sausage made with chopped tripe), morsels of duck crackling and pork meat, gougères (cheese chou-pastry puffs), gratin dauphinois (oven-cooked potato slices with cream) and bugnes lyonnaises (carnival fritters). Not to mention several cheeses such as Saint-Félicien and Saint-Marcellin, and the wines from this great wine-producing region, such as Beaujolais, Coteaux du Lyonnais and Côte du Rhône.