Practical / Special offer

Foyers and student halls of residence

Student halls of residence, maisons d’étudiants, and foyers are an alternative form of accommodation for young people who are travelling.

Résidence Montrouge - Chambre 4

A cheap and alternative means of accommodation

To stay in Paris at a lower cost, discover organizations that manage student and university accommodation.  It is a savvy way to find accommodation in the city, either temporarily in the summer, or for the year for students studying in Paris.

Foyers or Maisons d’étudiants

Alternative and budget type of accommodation in foyers or Maisons d’étudiants. The UNME (Union nationale des maisons d’étudiants) has more than 20 foyers and student residences in Paris, some of which remain open throughout the summer and which welcome students who are travelling.

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Student halls of residencePossibility of renting rooms to students during the summer for a small cost from 1 day (2 in Paris) to 3 months (July, August and September only). Some student halls of residence are situated in the centre of Paris and are managed by the Centre régional des œuvres universitaires (C.R.O.U.S. – Regional students’ welfare office). Bookings must be made directly with the halls of residence.

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