Bohemian Paris

Cafes from Montparnasse to Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Montmartre, here is artists’ Paris.

This particular Paris may not really exist any more but many places have retained a powerful memory of the artists that made their reputation. Begin with a coffee in Montparnasse and a trip to the Musée Bourdelle, a small museum that conjures up the atmosphere of Paris and its artists. The brasseries and legendary cafes of boulevard Montparnasse will then lead you as far as the gardens of the Observatoire.   On your way back down through Luxembourg and the place Saint-Sulpice, you’ll reach Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a Parisian centre of intellectual and artistic activity. In one of its cafes you might even be lucky enough to come across your favourite writer ...   Bohemian Paris continues in Montmartre, setting off from the metro station Odéon. Souvenirs of the workshops of Picasso and Utrillo, the birth of cubism, cabarets, vines, popular songs and painters in the place du Tertre … the picture is complete, night falls over the city.  

The walk Bohemian Paris