Adapted and affordable accommodation for young people in and around Paris

Affordable accommodation for young people in and around Paris accessible to disabled people.

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As well as accommodation that has been awarded the Tourisme & Handicap label, the Tourist Office also lists accommodation that is suitable for people with disabilities but is not part of the voluntary process to obtain the Tourisme & Handicap state label. The accessibility of each of these adapted sites is described on its descriptive page, by clicking on the "handicap" tab. As the Tourisme & Handicap mark is not systematically awarded for the 4 main types of disability (motor, visual, hearing and mental), we advise you to check the pictogram(s) for which the mark has been awarded.

The contact details on the description of each accommodation will enable you to get in touch with the one of your choice to find out more about the accessibility of the site in relation to your disability.

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Adapted and inexpensive hotels in and around Paris

Note: where available, information on the accessibility of the venues and activities listed in these files is provided on their description page, under the "Disability" tab. Some data is purely declarative. The Office recommends that you contact the venue in advance of your visit to check that the service offered is suited to your needs. Contact details are available in the "Contact" tab of the description sheets.

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