Thierry Le Roi & Les Nécro-Romantiques

With more than 3 and a half million visitors each year, the Père Lachaise Cemetery is a must-see place for tourists from all over the world who have come to visit the city, but also for Parisians, still enthusiastic to discover and rediscover this incredible place full of history and emotion.

Visit the Père Lachaise, but not with just anybody! Because to stride along the 44 hectares of the biggest enclosed green space in Paris is truly a challenge in itself!

Thierry Le Roi has been a guide of the Père Lachaise Cemetery for more than 20 years.
Each weekend, he involves his visitors in a truly ‘nécro-romantique’ safari, through the tombstones of the famous and the unknown. History, culture, architecture, painting, nothing is left to chance during this nearly three-hour tour where you will leave thinking only one thing: to share this experience with your friends!

The most famous and visited cemetery in the world will welcome you into its VIP area: Marcel Proust, Honoré de Balzac, Eugène Delacroix, and also Chopin, Montand, Desproges, Piaf, Oscar Wilde and the unmissable Jim Morrison. Thierry Le Roi will teach you about the anecdotes unknown to the general public and the secrets that the cemetery keeps only for the insiders!

This tour is available to children who are still discovering the funerary heritage.
A truly fun, friendly and informative tour that will make you want to visit again!

A tour voted for by the Paris Tourist Office and regularly present in the media. The work of Thierry Le Roi was in the magazine ‘Reportage découverte’ on All Saints’ Day 2016 broadcasted on Saturday afternoon on TF1.

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