Pont Royal

Quai François Mitterrand - Quai Anatole France - 75001 Paris Louvre
From the beginning of the 17th century, several efforts were made to link the Louvre and boulevard Saint-Germain by a pedestrian bridge, to the right of the rue du Bac, in order to replace the paid ferry that was named after this road.
After several attempts at constructing bridges, finally destroyed by high water levels in the Seine, the construction of a new bridge was ordered by Louis XIV. Jules Hardouin was instructed to build a bridge in stone. The five-arch bridge was built between 1685 and 1689 using the best materials and finest stone.
Since its construction, it has only been slightly modified.
It is a listed historical monument.


Quai François Mitterrand - Quai Anatole France
75001 Paris
Parking lot
Bac Montalembert, 9 Rue Montalembert - 75007 Paris
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17Palais-Royal Musée du Louvre
12Rue du Bac
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