Food & drink

Paris 'Capital of Gastronomy' invites travellers from all over the world to have a feast!
Good restaurants to enjoy delicious food carefully prepared in Paris’s many gastronomic restaurants, brasseries, and catering, organic or vegetarian establishments.

Hot drinks, gastronomic buffets, refreshing fruit juices, sandwiches and pastries, enjoy Sunday brunch, all weekend and even during the week in Paris!

The best ‘galette des rois’, award-winning bakers and pâtissiers, and original desserts … Give your taste buds a treat!

A cake or an ice-cream? Tea rooms full of charm with delicious gateaux, or mouth-watering home-made ice creams?

Parisian cafes, bars and pubs are friendly places to have a drink, a laugh and set the world to rights.
Rooftop bars with panoramic views over Paris, terraces in lively districts, an ever new selection of exceptional places to choose from when the sun comes out!
Paris, the world capital of gastronomy, yes but also artisanal!
Street food or a stylish bistro? A meat-focused menu or a plant-based meal? Whatever your current craving, you’ll find somewhere to satisfy it in Paris.