Barometre January 2024

Paris tourism barometer: January 2024

Paris Tourism Barometer

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Framework and outlook

The destination's attractiveness in the first quarter of 2024 should not be significantly impacted by the prospect of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Europe and North America remain predominant: these markets account for 66.5% of actual and forecast international air arrivals in the first quarter of 2024.

International arrivals in January should be up by +3.0% vs 2023. March is already recording bookings growth of +10.3% vs 2023 and +19.3% vs 2019.

We note :

  • A relative improvement in the US market, with January arrivals up +5.9% vs 2023, and bookings up +14.5% for February and +0.8% for March;
  • An accelerating recovery in North-East Asian markets, notably South Korea and Japan, with bookings up by +41.3% and +114.0% compared to February-March 2023.
  • National tourist numbers from January 1 to 20 are up +6.0% vs 2023 in Paris intra-muros.

Air and hotel bookings

*February 2024


+14.6% to date vs. 2023, and +9.8% vs. 2019.

Year of the Wooden Dragon: Chinese New Year takes place on February 10, 2024. Air arrivals from China continue to approach pre-pandemic volumes (-24.9% for February vs 2019).


Forecast occupancy for the first 15 days of February is 55%.

Focus JOP 2024

The commune of Saint-Denis, where the Athletes' Village will be located, accounts for an annual average of 0.7% of Greater Paris tourist flows.

Bookings: the volume of international air bookings to date for the Olympic Games is up +115.5% compared to the period July 26 - August 11, 2023.

Hotel prices observed in the Greater Paris region:

  • 342€ per night for the entire Olympic period ;
  • 522€ per night for the Olympic Games.
    Average rates in Greater Paris were €202 in July 2023 and €161 in August 2023.