December 2023 barometre

Paris tourism barometer

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Year 2023 in review

An estimated 36.9 million tourists will visit Greater Paris in 2023, representing +6.8% vs. 2022 and -3.9% vs. 2019.

The hotel occupancy rate up to November reaches 75.2%, all categories combined (+5.2pts vs 2022 and -3.0pts vs 2019). We note :

The decline in domestic customers (-1.6% in attendance,vs 2022), offset by the rise in international customers (+14.6%).

A strengthening of the share of traditional markets (Europe and North America will account for 64.8% of international air arrivals in 2023 vs. 55.4% in 2019), to the detriment of other long-haul markets, notably Northeast Asia and South America.

Inflation, which should reach +4.5% in France in 2023. Average hotel prices in Paris (€183.80 from January to November) are up +12.8% on 2022 and +37.7% on 2019.

The decline in business tourism, whose share of international air arrivals (21.1%) is down -1.1pt vs 2019. The share of business tourism in Greater Paris hotels (20.1%) is also down by -6.7pts between March and October 2023 vs. 2022.

The destination's resilience in the face of security threats and the preservation of its leading tourist appeal in Europe.

Air and hotel bookings

*January 2024


+3.2% to date vs. 2023, and -8.9% vs. 2019.
New Year: international air arrivals for the festivities are up +10.9% on last year. They remain down -25.1% on the pre-Covid period.


Occupancy forecasts to date for the first 15 days of January are comparable to 2023 levels.