Arrondissements of Paris

Culture, lifestyle, nature ... Discover all the great things about the arrondissements of Paris
Vibrant, eclectic and full of surprises, the centre of Paris embodies French culture, luxury and art de vivre.
From history and culture to good food and nightlife – discover the many facets of the 5th arrondissement!

Heritage, culture, green spaces, artisans and craftspeople – discover the French art de vivre!

The 7th arrondissement is a treasure trove of monuments, museums, parks, fine dining and exclusive boutiques.

With its quintessentially Parisian monuments, culture, fashion and cuisine, the 8th arrondissement is a must.
From shopping on the historic Grands Boulevards to the nightlife of Pigalle, explore the 9th arrondissement
Visitors love the quirky, cosmopolitan 10th arrondissement for its lively streets, concert venues and shopping
Come and experience this lively arrondissement packed with culture, great restaurants and sustainable shopping
With green spaces, artisan workshops, culture and attractions, there are many facets to the 12th arrondissement
Cosmopolitan, vibrant and innovative but also working-class, the 13th reflects a new Paris
Culture, heritage, green spaces and shops are the main assets of the districts with a village feel in the 14th
Cultural venues, green spaces and shopping hotspots: the 15th has many attractions
The 16th arrondissement is a harmonious blend of culture, nature, heritage and architecture
Working class yet trendy, filled with shops and cultural venues, the 17th’s diversity makes it unique
The 18th is a vibrant district which is undergoing major change, with intriguing new projects being rolled out.
With its cultural vitality, large parks and unexpected curiosities, the 19th has many surprises in store.
The authentically working-class 20th has a village feel, natural areas and a vibrant arts and culture scene.