Jardins de l'école Du Breuil

Route de la Ferme - Bois de Vincennes - 75012 Paris Bois de Vincennes
More than 1,200 trees of 108 different species coexist within this living tree 'museum'. Created in 1867, the arboretum possesses plant collections which are studied by students of the school and amateurs, children and adults, who can take gardening lessons here.
You will not miss any interesting trees as they are meticulously labelled. Each year, at the end of May, you can take advantage of the arboretum's 'open days' to visit the museum.


Free entry since 1 March 2006


Guided tours are organized by the "Direction des Parcs et Jardins"(parks and gardens head office) located 1 av Gordon Bennett 75016 PARIS. For further information, please phone +33 (0) 1 40 71 75 60

Programme available every year in the local arondissement town halls, at the reception hall of the Hôtel de Ville (Paris City Hall), and at the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Monday to Friday: 8am-4pm.
Weekend and public holidays: November-February 10am-5pm; March-October 10am-6pm; April-September 10am-7pm.


Route de la Ferme - Bois de Vincennes
75012 Paris
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