Église Saint-Sulpice

Place Saint-Sulpice - 75006 Paris
Built in the 17th century, with foundations from the 12th century, the Eglise Saint-Sulpice is one of the biggest churches in Paris. Located in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, in the Saint-Germain-des-Près district, it is definitely worth a visit. Inside, admire the nave, the Chapelle de la Vierge with a statue of Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, the sacristy and its wood-panelling in a Louis XV style, mural paintings by Eugène Delacrois, and the large organ by Cavaillé-Coll. Another curiosity: the gnomon, (the part of a sundial which casts a shadow), with a strand of brass wire incrusted on it which represents the meridian line. Outside, from Place Saint-Sulpice, admire the beautiful facade with its two recognizable towers. The Eglise Saint-Sulpice is one of the sites in Paris where the 'Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown, best seller in 2003, was filmed. After several months of renovation, the 3 paintings of Eugène Delacroix of the Chapelle des Saints-Anges are now accessible to the public.


Place Saint-Sulpice
75006 Paris
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Saint Sulpice, 6 Place Saint-Sulpice - 75006 Paris
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