Palais de la découverte

Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt - 75008 Paris Champs-Élysées
Palais de la Découverte
Atelier pour enfants au Palais de la Découverte
The Palais de la découverte is an elegant place used for prestige receptions. A kind and friendly team deploys its talents to guide guests through the exhibitions or show them amazing demonstrations
Thus the visitor is both struck by the sophistication of the palace and touched by the playful spirit of scientific discoveries.

Type of event

  • Cocktail
  • Press conference
  • Dinner
  • Meeting / conference / daily delegate rate

Technical services


La Rotonde Salle ou structure éphémère 455m²

Theater 300 people
Cocktail 300 people
Banquet 300 people

Salle des Planètes Salle ou structure éphémère

Cocktail 50 people

Salle de Conférence Auditorium 180m²

Theater 181 people

Le Planétarium Auditorium

Theater 200 people

L’Amphithéâtre d’Electrostatique Auditorium 118m²

Theater 120 people

Le Pourtour de Rotonde Salle ou structure éphémère 200m²

Cocktail 100 people

Salle 13 Salle ou structure éphémère 90m²

Cocktail 80 people

Rooms overview

Theater Cocktail Banquet
La Rotonde 300 people 300 people 300 people
Salle des Planètes 50 people
Salle de Conférence 181 people
Le Planétarium 200 people
L’Amphithéâtre d’Electrostatique 120 people
Le Pourtour de Rotonde 100 people
Salle 13 80 people


Offer adapted to disabled people
Hearing impairment

Physical disability:

-For wheelchair users, the entrance is a small slope through gate B (3 rue du Général Eisenhower)
-Notify staff of your visit by calling +33 (0)1 40 74 60 70. Let them know when you arrive, and a receptionist will accompany you to the main hall.
-The entire palace is wheelchair accessible except for the mathematics balcony
-Wheelchair accessible parking spaces available near gate B (3 rue du Général Eisenhower).
-The museum lift can only be used with the help of a receptionist.
-Adapted bathroom facilities on the Rotunda (close to the cafeteria), transfer bar on the left, 70 cm usable space, toilet paper located on the back wall at the same height as the usage space.

Visual Impairment:

-Special attention paid to accessibility on temporary exhibitions (maneuvering, objects to touch, braille labels)
-The “Earth and Life, a Scientific Investigation” trail includes labels in braille.
-The Earthquakes and Volcanoes section includes a large world map that allows visitors to feel the topography of the world’s continents and underwater plates.
-Visitors can touch different rock types, including volcanic rocks. Several changes to suit the visually impaired, including text in braille to help understand continental drift, volcanic and seismic phenomena.
-Some talks adapted for blind and visually impaired visitors (reservation required).

Hearing impairment:

-Guided tours and talks in French Sign Language (LSF), subtitled displays (programme available on the Palais de la Découverte website)
-Audiovisuals partially subtitled, depending on the exhibit’s development.
-Planetarium equipped with magnetic induction loop for hearing aids.
-Talks and workshops in French Sign Language (LSF) are organized regularly.
-Sign language spoken by museum staff.
-Information available on paper (maps, booklets) for some exhibits.

Mental disability:

-Several rooms and exhibits are specially adapted for people with mental disabilities.
-A counsellor can help you design a visit route adapted to your needs.

Contact us for more information: [email protected] / 01 40 74 80 70

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