La Seine Musicale

Île Seguin - 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt Boulogne-Billancourt
In harmony with its natural environment, La Seine Musicale was conceived with respect for the environment in mind. Its extraordinary aesthetic playing on reflections in water gives it a unique identity, that of a veritable concrete ship of 36,500m². Perched on the Seine, the auditorium and its wooden hull seem to float on the river while the mainsail, adorned with more than 1,000m² of solar panels, follows the course of the sun.
La Seine Musicale has over 2,500m² of rehearsal and recording space as well as space dedicated to the Insula Orchestra.
Accessible to all, it is also presented as a place of wellbeing, to visit and to walk in.
By organizing your professional events in La Seine Musicale's show spaces, you are choosing environmental technology, a symbol of our entry into a new era.
A personal advisor, assisted by a team of experts, will accompany you at every stage of your project.

Type of event

  • Cocktail
  • Press conference
  • Congress with exhibition
  • Congress without exhibition
  • Fashion show
  • Dinner
  • Art exhibition
  • Incentive / Team Building
  • Product launch
  • Meeting / conference / study day
  • Trade fair / exhibition
  • Show room
  • Evening with dancing
  • Film shoot / Photo shoot

Technical services

Technical services

  • Dance evening
  • Catering
  • Outdoor reception area
  • Videoconferencing services, phygital
  • Recording studio


La Press Room Salle ou structure éphémère 110m²

In U shape 40 people
In classroom 55 people
Cabaret 30 people
Theater 80 people
Cocktail 100 people
Meeting room 50 people
Banquet 40 people
  • Daylight
  • Without pillar

La Grande Seine Salle ou structure éphémère 4000m²

Cabaret 400 people
Theater 4000 people
Cocktail 2000 people
Banquet 2830 people
  • With stage
  • Without pillar
  • Ceiling height over 5m

Le Club Salle ou structure éphémère 590m²

Cocktail 400 people
Banquet 250 people
  • Daylight

Le Grand Salon Salle ou structure éphémère 1325m²

Theater 300 people
Cocktail 1500 people
Banquet 700 people
  • Daylight

Le Petit Salon Salle ou structure éphémère 250m²

In U shape 45 people
In classroom 60 people
Cabaret 35 people
Theater 90 people
Cocktail 110 people
Meeting room 55 people
Banquet 50 people
  • Daylight
  • Without pillar

Rooms overview

In U shape In classroom Cabaret Theater Cocktail Meeting room Banquet Daylight Without pillar With stage Ceiling height over 5m
La Press Room 40 people 55 people 30 people 80 people 100 people 50 people 40 people
La Grande Seine 400 people 4000 people 2000 people 2830 people
Le Club 400 people 250 people
Le Grand Salon 300 people 1500 people 700 people
Le Petit Salon 45 people 60 people 35 people 90 people 110 people 55 people 50 people


Offer adapted to disabled people
Hearing impairment

Organize an accessible event

Official partner


Île Seguin
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
Public transportation
9Pont de Sèvres

Useful information

+33 (0) 1 74 34 54 00

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