La Maison des métallos

94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud - 75011 Paris République - Gares de l'Est et du Nord
With 6 meeting rooms, the Maison des Métallos welcomes all kinds of company events (up to 400 people for a cocktail party) as well as shows, exhibitions, artistic meetings and public debates throughout the year. One of the City of Paris' many 'Espaces Culturels' (Cultural Spaces) , the Maison des Métallos is situated in a historic industrial district. Popular, lively and close to the city's most fashionable spots, this venue is truly unique.

Type of event

  • Cocktail
  • Fashion show
  • Dinner
  • Show room

Technical services

Technical services

  • Videoconferencing services, phygital


Rol-Tanguy Salle ou structure éphémère 80m²

In U shape 35 people
In classroom 50 people
Theater 50 people
  • Daylight

Salle 2 Salle ou structure éphémère 90m²

In U shape 35 people
In classroom 50 people
Theater 70 people
  • Daylight

Salle 4 Salle ou structure éphémère 70m²

In U shape 30 people
In classroom 35 people
Theater 50 people
  • Daylight

Salle 3 Salle ou structure éphémère 80m²

In U shape 35 people
In classroom 50 people
Theater 50 people
  • Daylight

Salle Claire Salle ou structure éphémère 410m²

In U shape 80 people
In classroom 200 people
Theater 200 people
Cocktail 300 people
Banquet 200 people
  • Daylight

Salle Noire (auditorium) Auditorium 450m²

In U shape 150 people
In classroom 200 people
Theater 266 people
Cocktail 400 people
Banquet 200 people

Mezzanine Salle ou structure éphémère 120m²

In classroom 50 people
Theater 80 people
Cocktail 100 people
Banquet 60 people
  • Daylight

Rooms overview

In U shape In classroom Theater Cocktail Banquet Daylight
Rol-Tanguy 35 people 50 people 50 people
Salle 2 35 people 50 people 70 people
Salle 4 30 people 35 people 50 people
Salle 3 35 people 50 people 50 people
Salle Claire 80 people 200 people 200 people 300 people 200 people
Salle Noire (auditorium) 150 people 200 people 266 people 400 people 200 people
Mezzanine 50 people 80 people 100 people 60 people


Offer adapted to disabled people
Hearing impairment

Physical disability:
-Entrance for people with reduced mobility or on wheelchairs is accessible via lift just left of the main entrance
-Dark room: Reserved spaces are located just below the 1st row of seats (accessible via lift) or in the 12th row (accessible through entrance hall). Each row has 4 accessible spaces, these seats are adaptable and may be moved to suit certain events.
-Light room: Single-story plateau on the 1st floor, the room is accessible by lift.
-Rooms 2 and 3 are workshops accessible on the first floor.
-Only room 4 is not accessible because it is on the first floor and there is no lift.
Accessible toilet facilities are located right next to the entrance of the auditorium (transfer bars on left and right, changing table available)
-Room 2:transfer bar on left, extended toilet bowl
Room 3: Women: transfer bar on right. However the bar is positioned away from the toilet bowl. Men: left transfer bar.
-Men's room: right transfer bar. Women's room: left transfer bar.

Hearing Impairment:
-The Maison des Métallos works in partnership with Accès Culture to offer an adaptation of French Sign Language (LSF) for certain shows.
-Staff have also been given basic training in LSF.

Visual Impairment:
-The Maison des métallos is a partner of the CRTH (Centre Recherche Théatre Handicap) to offer Souffleur d'Images. On reservation, visually impaired spectators can be accompanied by a Souffleurs who describes the visual elements of the show (scenography, sets, costumes, movements...) or of the exhibition (photo descriptions).
-Reservation at the CRTH or at the Maison des Métallos.
-We also offer detailed programmes in Braille or enlarged characters for certain shows, in partnership with Accès Culture.
-The Maison des Métallos also organizes tactile tours of the stage and sets of certain shows.
-All of the stairs in the Maison are safe for handicapped users except for the main staircase (no tactile paving, no non-slip stair nosing and no contrasting stair risers).

Mental Disability:
-Educational workshops.
-Visits offered specifically to the mentally disabled.
-The Maison des Métallos hosts the Papotin. (a journal written by people with mental disabilities) once a month
-The journalists meet for 2 hours with the show's creators, who then perform together in the same show.

Accessible to those with reduced mobility.
Discounted rates for disabled people and an accompanying person upon presentation of proof.

Organize an accessible event

Official partner


94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
75011 Paris
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96Maison Des Metallos

Useful information

+33 (0) 1 48 05 88 27