Immersive team-building activities

Give your employees a fun experience by organizing a unique team-building activity in Paris. Put on a virtual reality headset or enjoy an interactive show with your colleagues to forge closer links within your team. Take a look at our selection of team-building activities that use the latest technology to create a unique adventure.

Virtual reality team-building activities

Ideally located on Place de l’Opéra, FlyView offers 800 m² of space devoted to virtual reality. For a team-building activity for 10 to 50 people, choose one of their adventures; a flyover of the capital or even the whole of France wearing a jetpack, or explore a hidden, normally inaccessible, side of Paris or take a journey through time to the legendary Egyptian pyramids. Thrills guaranteed! Flyview's ready-to-go packages can also include private hire of the space, catering, and a photo session so that your colleagues leave with an original souvenir. For a more collaborative experience, the virtual reality room Virtual Room has devised adventures that encourage communication and team spirit among participants. Divided into small groups of 2 to 4 people, players work together to carry out their mission, calling on their powers of reflection, cooperation, and stress management for 45 minutes of fun and with the best technology available. Situated in the 11th arrondissement, Virtual Room also offers a range of spaces for private hire and options for extending your event, as well as 100% customizable adventures to reflect your company's image. For budding historians, Eternelle Notre-Dame, the first virtual reality experience of Notre-Dame de Paris, invites you into the famous cathedral for a journey through time. From the 13th to the 21st century, you will relive the history of this famous monument from its construction in the Middle Ages to the present-day restoration work site. In 45 minutes, your staff will learn about the building techniques used, major events that took place there and major figures. The experience, which can host up to 90 people at a time, can be combined with private hire of the scenography designed venue, including virtual reality, exhibitions, and a bespoke welcome.

Immersive team-building activities

With your colleagues retrace the history of France and be witnesses to events and scenes that have fashioned the country by organizing a team-building activity at the Cité de l'Histoire , located on the paved square at La Défense. The activity is divided into three experiences: ‘The Key of Centuries’ immerses you in the life of the past surrounded by actors, as if you were there, in 17 rooms retracing different eras. The 360°video mapping ‘Hugo, the Revolutions man’, a mix of cinema and live show takes you into the eventful life of the great writer. And to round off your activity, the 'Corridor of Time’, a vast digital and interactive timeline enables you to trace 2,500 years of history in 400 key dates.