Rollerblading tours in Paris

Discover Paris at your own rhythm on rollerblades along adapted routes or on organized tours

Rollerblading safely

For rollerblading, on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons enthusiasts get together for an enjoyable trip across Paris on skates. Current regulations oblige you to stay on the pavements: you are considered to be a pedestrian and so you have to wait at the traffic lights to cross!

  As you’ll be travelling at around 15 km/h (9/10mph), be extremely careful, avoid bumping into any pedestrians or cars and be sure that your civil liability insurance covers any damage you might cause. In boutiques, you will be asked to take off your skates while you do your shopping.  Organized trips :

  • Friday evenings for competent skaters, meet at 10pm, place Raoul Dautry in Montparnasse – 75014

  • Sunday afternoons, for beginners, meet at 2pm, boulevard Bourdon at Bastille - 75004

Where practice rollerblading? 

1er arrondissement : place du Palais-Royal - M° Palais-Royal2e arrondissement : place de la Bourse - M° Bourse4e arrondissement : pont Saint-Louis - M° Pont-Marie4e arrondissement : place de la Bastille (côté Arsenal) - M° Bastille7e arrondissement : esplanade des Invalides (dalle Ouest) - M° Invalides11e arrondissement : terre-plein central du boulevard Richard-Lenoir - Métros de Bastille à Richard-Lenoir12e arrondissement :cour Châlon - M° Gare de Lyon16e arrondissement : Jardins du Trocadéro - M° Trocadéro16e arrondissement : allée de la reine Marguerite (bois de Boulogne uniquement le week-end) - M° Porte Dauphine16e arrondissement : avenue de Saint-Cloud (bois de Boulogne) - M° Porte Dauphine19e arrondissement : esplanade du Zénith, parc de la Villette - M° Porte de Pantin

The list of rollerblade hire :