October 2023 Barometer

Paris tourism barometer

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Impact of the Rugby World Cup: initial observations

Even before the end of the competition, its impact can be seen in Paris. First of all, while national tourist numbers in Paris intra-muros are comparable to those of 2022, an increase is recorded for international tourists (+15.6%) - mainly in markets where the team is competing, with significant peaks on match days.

Secondly, the occupancy rate of Parisian hotels on match days (until October 5) reached 82.9%. This represents a decline of -2.2% vs. 2022 and -3.6% vs. 2019. Among the host cities, Saint-Étienne, Nice and Nantes recorded the best increases in occupancy rates, respectively +13.4pts (66.3%), +4.8pts (88.2%) and +4.6pts(78.8%).

Impact of recent events

It's still early to assess the impact of the latest disruptions (evacuation of airports, monuments, etc.) on the destination. Google searches on this theme in connection with Paris have certainly risen in recent days, but not enough to compromise the destination's appeal in the long term. Airline searches for Paris have not declined.

Air and hotel bookings

November 2023

+23.2% to date vs. 2022, and a level comparable to 2019.

Middle East conflict: November bookings from the Middle East down -49.0% on 2022, and -68.0% on 2019, as of October 7.

Occupancy forecasts for the first week of November are above 65%.

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