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Visamundi was born out of several observations: at the stage of preparing a trip, the procedures for obtaining travel documents are increasingly complex, time-consuming and sensitive. The formalities change rapidly, the authorities are unreachable, the language barrier is sometimes present, as is the risk of losing physical documents... The traveler's journey is thus made more difficult and it is on this issue that the agency focuses primarily. Visamundi handles a large number of applications per year for travelers wishing to go to Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East or North America.
Thanks to its travel document assistance service (e-Visa, ETA...), Visamundi also helps tourism professionals such as travel managers, airlines or travel agencies to simplify their clients' travel process.

The targets :

B2B : a travel manager
B2B2C : travel agencies, tour operators, transport companies, airports…
B2A : public administrations (embassies, consulates etc.)
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