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Free yourself from the baggage constraint in complete serenity!

Deliverbag is specialist in luggage management solutions. The tailor-made delivery, storage and porterage services are designed for MICE and the reception of business and leisure groups.
Delivery :
Deliverbag picks up and delivers luggage according to your needs. Stay informed with real-time tracking.
Porterage :
Deliverbag unloads your clients' luggage upon arrival and delivers it to the desired location. This " premium " service allows your groups (or GIRs) to feel privileged, awaited and welcomed.
Consignee :
Deliverbag manages and coordinates the management of ephemeral luggage storage (on or off site). Luggage are individually tagged, meticulously classified and secured.

Deliverbag solutions are available for all types of luggage, trips, events, locations and routes. Use (and combine) services, anywhere in France!
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