Château de Versailles

Place d'Armes - 78000 Versailles Versailles
Château de Versailles - Spectacles Galerie des Glaces
Château de Versailles - Opéra Royal
Château de Versailles - Grandes eaux musicales - Allée des Marmousets
Château de Versailles - Grandes eaux nocturnes - Bassin d'Apollon
Château de Versailles
Walk past the gates of the Palace, through the courtyards, and step inside the magic of this magnificent palace. Organize your events in Versailles to enjoy the beauty and sovereignty of the place, while participating in its protection and upkeeping. In the course of an evening, walk in the steps of the most prestigious guests from France and from all over the world, and write your event into History.

Type of event

  • Cocktail
  • Press conference
  • Dinner


Auditorium Auditorium

  • With stage
  • Without pillar
  • Wheelchair accessible

Rooms overview

With stage Without pillar Wheelchair accessible


Offer adapted to disabled people
Hearing impairment

You can contact the teams for different groups on +33 (0)1 30 83 75 05 or at [email protected]

Do not hesitate to ask for advice or information about your visit from welcome and security staff. They will be able to let you enter via more easily-accessible routes closed to the general public.

Physical disability:
- The parterres and groves are currently inaccessible from the terraces of the Palace of Versailles;
- To reach the Versailles gardens and explore its paths and groves, you must access the park via the Queen's Gate.
- Free entry to the park can be granted upon presentation of a French 'Carte Invalidité' or 'Carte Mobile' or a GIC/GIC card (disabled parking card)
- Disabled parking spaces are available near the restaurant La Flotille and the Neptune Fountain
- Main entrance; priority access; Entrance A; to your left above the Court of Honour
- Individual visitors with entry tickets are welcomed at the Dufour Pavilion; this Pavilion is accessible to people with reduced mobility (disabled toilets on the lower-ground floor, accessible by lift, lowered welcome desk, tactile maps, left-luggage office, shop, etc.)
- For visitors using the lift, it is strongly advised to go in backwards to make it easier to get out on the lower-ground floor
- For individual visitors without a ticket, tickets can be bought in the South Ministers' Wing (ramp access)
- To visit the gardens, electric shuttle cars (not accessible to electric wheelchairs) are available at a reduced price (driving license required); the little train is not accessible to wheelchair users, reduced price
- 'Palace of Versailles' app available on iPhone and Android offers location tracking as well as cultural content
- Entrance doors are always left open
- Left-luggage office accessible thanks to Palace staff
- 20 wheelchairs for hire from the Palace; these wheelchairs can only be used for visiting the inside of the Palace
- Vehicles running on liquified petroleum gas (LPG) are not permitted in the main courtyard of the Palace of Versailles
- Adapted sanitary facilities equipped with a transfer bar and a wash handbasin with a hollowed-out lower part.
- Entrance on the same level or with a sloping plane.

Hearing impairment:
- The Palace of Versailles is offering a programme of tours in French Sign Language for individual visitors in late April 2019 and early July 2019
- Tickets can be booked directly on the Palace of Versailles website:
- Booking online is required, click on 'reserve by email'
- Reception equipped with a magnetic induction loop.
- Lift with visual and/or sound announcement with magnetic induction loop.
- Luminous flash coupled with the audible fire alarm (where a deaf person may be alone as a toilet).

Visual impairment:
- Presence of a tactile model of the building, the wings of the Grand Common and the courtyards in the Etats Généraux hall.
- The Dufour Pavilion, is the reception area for individual visitors with tickets.
- In this pavilion, a tactile orientation map is at your disposal.
- Do not hesitate to ask for the audio guide as an audio description of the 1st room only will give you a better understanding of the tactile frieze. - This audio guide does not include a guide aid.
- Introduction to the visit, a self-guided tour of the History Gallery of the Palace, located at the beginning of the tour, this gallery is made up of 11 rooms.
- It retraces the history of the Palace through the centuries.
- A tactile device with samples of materials is available in the first room.
- Transparent glass doors/walls with contrasting elements
- Absence of obstacles to the face when circulating (screens, wall lights, underside of stairs, etc.).
- Stairs with tactile and visual contrast before the first descending step, continuous handrail, and contrasting stair nosing.
Lift with adapted control keyboard (raised and/or Braille keys) and sound-proofed cabin with floor announced.

Mental disability:
- Specific visits programmed
- Trained/informed staff

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Place d'Armes
78000 Versailles

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