Corporate and institutional events in France are the subject of a new study

Along side six other key players, Paris je t’aime – Tourist Office has carried out the first study on the importance and economic benefits of corporate and institutional events in France. Results.

Last year, companies and institutions organized 380,000 events in metropolitan France. Among these events, 54% were seminars, 20% corporate evening functions, 13% external communication events, and 10% conventions and annual general meetings. These different types of events gathered 52 million participants, who were for the most part there to find information, build projects and develop their network. In this predominantly local market, 60% of them reside in the region where the event is held. 11% are international visitors, however they account for 44% of economic benefits from personal spending by event participants. In total, corporate and institutional events account for 32 billion euros in economic benefits.

A figure that demonstrates the importance of this segment of activity in the French events sector, especially in the Paris region. In fact, the Paris region together with Paris performed well with 109,000 events (29%) and more than 15 million participants (32%) in 2018, 89% of whom are French. Compared to the provinces, less seminars (40%) but more coporate evening functions (32%) were held in the the Paris region. A real magnet, the destination stands apart with €9.2 billion generated for tourism (access and on-site transport, accommodation, catering, trade) and events (reception, layout, content services, event catering, site rental, etc.). In 2018, the average revenue per venue dedicated to corporate events in Paris Ile-de-France was 3.3 milion euros, twice as much revenue as the national average.


* France Paris region
Number of events 380 000 109 000
Number of participants 52 million 15 million
Economic benefits €32 billion €9,2 billion