Bewertungen Paris Visite Pass: unbegrenzte Fortbewegung

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Elisa R.
25 März 2024
Servizio comodo. Il personale all'ufficio del turismo è molto gentile e disponibile, cercano anche di venirti incontro con la lingua. Il pass trasporti è comodissimo e facile da usare. Servizio molto consigliato
Daniela S.
15 März 2024
Easy pickup at Spot24 and the ticket made the travel around Paris so easy and comfy!!! Thank you and see you next time.
11 März 2024

leider ist die Abholung der Tickets nur in der Nähe vom Eiffelturm möglich, daher mussten wir trotz dieses Tickets, eines ab Flughafen zusätzlich kaufen, sodass wir diese überhaupt abholen konnten.
Weiteres ist es sehr sehr blöd gelöst das diese Tickets magnetisch sind und beim kleinsten Kontakt mit Metall (Handy, Uhr ect.) gelöscht werden.
Mussten uns leider umständlich neue Tickets bei der Touristeninfo ausstellen lassen. (2x)
Nutzbarkeit ist jedoch dafür wieder überragend, funktioniert überall (wenns sich nicht wieder von selbst löscht)

April S.
10 März 2024
Excellent service and delivered when and where it was supposed to be.
Mateusz T.
23 Februar 2024
Rosso P.
20 Februar 2024
everything fine thanks
Collection location alternatives
19 Februar 2024

Everything OK with PassTransport and its collection at the office.

I regret I had to go to your office to collect it. I would have appreciated possibility to collect it in any Underground ( Metro) station.

Zohra S.
5 Februar 2024
Livio P.
30 Januar 2024
Organisation precise et punctuelle. Nous avons visitè la Ville en suretè et tranquillitè..On y va retourner sans doute..
Jean-Luc L.
Très pratique, facilite les déplacements
18 Januar 2024
Le Paris Visite Pass transport est vraiment très pratique ! Nous en avons bien profité, sans retenue pour toutes nos allées et venues entre les musées et les différents quartiers que nous avons visités.
Anthony C.
Oui oui baguette
6 Januar 2024
Superbe expérience ! Grâce au Pass Transport j'ai visité les plus beaux sites touristiques de Paris en 2 jours. Facile à utiliser
5 Januar 2024

The tickets weren't available after one use, but I went to the office and they resolved the situation giving us another tickets that were enough for the 3 days my family and I were staying.
Bad tickets but great solution to the problem.

Oriane B.
5 Januar 2024
Accueil top, bonne explication du fonctionnement
Audrey D.
1 Januar 2024
Pass Paris Visite pratique. Parfaitement adapté à la durée de notre séjour.
Ravi L.
Good option but more pickup points needed
29 Dezember 2023
Good option but just one option currently available to pick up the tickets. The one at Gare du Nord is currently closed and it is not at all convenient to go to Hotel de Ville.
Diana S.
13 Dezember 2023
My honest tourist opinion is that the price ended up being unnecessarily high. If you use public transport twice a day within zones 1-3, you would pay about 4 euro. The card is about 9 euro a day which only makes sence if you use public transport at least 5 times a day with at least 2 hours in between, so I think the price is unreasonable for a tourist. However, it allowed us to always have a ticket on us so we didn't have to worry about buying tickets. Last but not least this "pass" is the size of a regular metro ticket (which is super small) and I think this is a downside.
Kellie D.
12 Dezember 2023
Easy to locate pick-up point and a good value.
Alberto Benetello
11 Dezember 2023
L'abbonamento mi è stato molto utile e mi permesso di girare Parigi con facilità e comodità . Lo raccomando a chi viene a Parigi .
Annelize F.
problème démagnétisation des tickets de transport
4 Dezember 2023

4 personnes sur 15 ont eu des problèmes de démagnétisation des tickets. Mais globalement le service était efficace.

Gabriele R.
30 November 2023
Necessario per Parigi, ho potuto visitare anche Malmaison anche se ci voleva un lungo percorso a piedi
Karin A.
25 November 2023
Zu dem Ticket gibt es keine Hülle und auch wenn man aufpasst, kommt man sehr leicht in Berührung mit einem Handy und das Ticket wird dann demagnetisiert und funktioniert nicht mehr.
Antwort von Paris je t'aime - Tourismusbüro
29 November 2023

Nous vous remercions d'avoir pris le temps de nous contacter concernant la démagnétisation de votre titre de transport. Nous comprenons à quel point cela peut être frustrant, et nous nous excusons pour tout inconvénient que cela a pu causer.

Nous tenons à vous informer que sur notre site, il est clairement indiqué que, en cas de démagnétisation de votre titre de transport, vous pouvez vous adresser aux agents présents dans les stations de métro et RER. Ils seront heureux de vous remplacer votre titre de transport gracieusement.

Nous restons à votre disposition pour toute autre question ou préoccupation. Merci de votre compréhension et de votre confiance.


l'équipe Paris je t'aime - Office de Tourisme

Angelo F.
Fantastica esperienza
13 November 2023

antastico, nessun pensiero per quanto riguarda i biglietti dei mezzi pubblici. Mi ha permesso di saltare da un mezzo all'altro senza pensieri.
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9 November 2023
We purchased our tickets from the Information booth at Gard de Nord. The woman was extremely helpful. We found the passes to be great value for money. My family and I love the convenience of buying the pass and just exploring the Paris. I wish other tourist cities offered the same.
7 November 2023
Easy to use the ticket is available for all the public transport in Paris.easy to read the metro maps.
Richard B.
7 November 2023

Wonderful value for money but it often fails if it comes near anything magnetic like a mobile phone. Having to get it replaced is relatively easy but an inconvenience if you are in hurry to make it to
a booked time for a tour etc

Martina S.
Comfortable, speed and simple
31 Oktober 2023
Very comfortable for travelling with children.
30 Oktober 2023
Es estupendo para moverse por París con plena libertad
Neil S.
30 Oktober 2023
Good system and worked in all zones.
Keith M.
Must do
30 Oktober 2023
It’s the only way to travel in Paris, we buy the metro/bus pass every time we visit Paris
Stephen W.
Thank you P.
29 Oktober 2023
Great city to cycle in! Love Line bikes! The exhibitions are strong but the food is a winner always…. Thank you Paris.
Marcus D.
29 Oktober 2023
Einfache Online-Buchung und freundlicher Service bei der Abholung.
28 Oktober 2023
Pass très pratique
28 Oktober 2023
Conseils de qualité au kiosque de la gare du Nord et personnel super sympa.
Antje S.
21 Oktober 2023
Abholung hat sehr gut funktioniert. Müssen uns das nächste Mal überlegen, ob wir wirklich so viel mit Metro/ Bus fahren. Ist zu teuer sonst.
Matthias N.
Billet mobilis zone 1-2 à 8.45€ suffit! Pourquoi payer plus de 13€?!?!
21 Oktober 2023
Pour se déplacer à Paris un billet mobilis zone 1-2 8.45€ suffit. Dommage que cela ne soit pas proposé!
Buena compra
21 Oktober 2023

Estando en Bagnolet resultó muy cómodo el acceso con metro y excelentes combinaciones al centro de París.
Suerte que hicimos este boleto ya que cuando el último día tuvimos que comprar boleto del día, tuvimos que hacer larga cola en la ventanilla del metro.

17 Oktober 2023

the Paris Visite ticket was extremely handy. Just enter the ticket at the turnstile at the start of each journey. Very simple.
Only shame is it only lasts for 5 days. Would have liked a 7 day Pass.

16 Oktober 2023
Es una opcio molt bona per mouret amb bon preu
James S.
16 Oktober 2023
Great pass, but having a pick up location at Gare du Nord that doesn’t open until 9 am is very inconvenient.
15 Oktober 2023
Friendly and engaging at ticket office in Paris Nord station 👍
13 Oktober 2023
la dame de l'office de tourisme était extrêmement serviable et gentille et les billets fonctionnaient très bien, cela rendait les voyages à Paris très confortables
12 Oktober 2023
Office in Gare du Norde was so helpful and helped us with all sound advice. We are most grateful.
Arnaldo P.
9 Oktober 2023

Very courteous and informative individuals who explained in great detail and helped us immeasurably to enhance our Paris experience.

Franco Dylan A.
8 Oktober 2023
I accept that losing my ticket is my fault and you can't do anything about it. But it's absurd compared to solutions that other countries tourist pass companies might have offered. If I lose a ticket and offer proof of purchase and my ID then a replacement should be possible. Also, the reason I lost my ticket was due to the ridiculous requirement that it should not be kept in the same pocket or container as a phone, coins, or anything magnetic. Tourist's pockets are full of those! This is a tourist pass you are selling! I have passes from Japan and Singapore that we have used for years without magnetic compatibility problems and thus never risked losing. You can do better. But maybe you don't care.
Antwort von Paris je t'aime - Tourismusbüro
20 Oktober 2023

Dear customer,

We are very sorry to hear that you have lost your ticket. We understand how frustrating this can be.

As this is a single paper ticket, we are unfortunately unable to issue duplicates. We would like to inform you that we also offer rechargeable magnetic cards (Pass Navigo Easy). These can be recharged as and when you need to, and are easy to use on your journeys.

We hope you find this option useful. Should you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department.

Gut, aber unhandlich (zu klein)
8 Oktober 2023
Gut zur Fortbewegung in Paris, aber das Magnetticket ist sehr klein und es besteht die Möglichkeit es schnell zu verlieren. Eine richtige Plastikkarte wäre besser.
8 Oktober 2023
This a perfect visiual museum tour. We glad to visit here.
Diogo L.
5 Oktober 2023
While it is a convenient option, it is more expensive than the Navigo card and it becomes demagnetized too easily - both cards did in less than three days (and we tried our best to keep them apart from our phones)
Kakuk G.
2 Oktober 2023

Superbly useful!
The only thing you should improve is declare more specifically the pickup place of the tickets - was a bit hard to find (as a foreigner).

Wendy W.
1 Oktober 2023
Easy to buy and use
Chantal D.
29 September 2023
This travel pass is the perfect way to visite Paris. You change from the metro to the bus en the tram with always the same ticket. We did not put it with our cellphone because we read on the internet it would give interference and we never had a problem.