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Adapted museums and monuments in the Paris region

Museums and monuments in the Paris region accessible to disabled people.

In addition to museums and monuments with the Tourisme & Handicap mark, the Bureau also lists venues adapted for disabled people but which have not adhered to the voluntary Tourisme & Handicap mark initiative. Information on the accessibility of each of these places, judged adapted, can be found in a descriptive listing on the website, by clicking on the tab 'disability'.The contact details shown on the listing for each place will enable you to contact the museum or the monument of your choice to gain more detailed information on the accessibility of the venue in relation to your disability.

Other museums and monuments:Museums and monuments in the Paris region with the 'Tourisme & Handicap' markMuseums and monuments in Paris with the 'Tourisme & Handicap' markAdapted museums and monuments in Paris

N.B. Information on the accessibility of each place and activity listed can be found on their fact file under the tab ‘Disability’. Some information is self-declaratory. So, the Bureau advises you to contact places in advance of your visit to verify that the services are well suited to your needs. Contact information is available by clicking on the tab 'contact' of the fact files.

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Zusätzlich zur untenstehenden Liste können Sie auch unsere fortgeschrittene Suche nutzen, um Ihre Unternehmungen in Paris zu wählen. Verfeinern Sie Ihre Suche durch die Auswahl von Art der Einrichtung (Cabaret, Museum, Bauwerk, Schwimmbad etc.), Lage (Sehenswürdigkeiten, Viertel etc.), Dienstleistungen (reservierbar, etc.) oder Barrierefreiheit (nach Behinderung oder mit dem Label Tourismus & Behinderung).

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