Tastings & Gourmet walks in Paris Tastings & Gourmet walks in Paris

Tastings & Gourmet walks in Paris

Dive into an unforgettable taste experience with the tastings and gourmet walks that celebrate the culinary richness of the French capital.

Let yourself be tempted by the tastings, true sensory journeys through the flavors of Paris. Discover the secrets of cheese, wine and chocolate making by visiting renowned local producers.

For a total immersion in Parisian gastronomy, opt for the gourmet walks. Accompanied by a passionate guide, explore the city's iconic neighborhoods, from lively markets to traditional bakeries.

Whether you are a connoisseur or simply a lover of good food, the tastings and gourmet walks will satisfy all your desires. Book your tickets now and get ready for a unique culinary experience, where gourmet food is the order of the day.

Discover unique tasting experiences in Paris with our guided tours by sommeliers and wine and champagne tastings in the cellars of the Louvre, at O-Chateau, and at Dilettantes.
from €35
A pastry tour, a guided tour by a sommelier, dinner aboard the Bus Toqué... there's something for everyone!
from €20

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Vandecauter G.
December 4th 2023
The show was wonderful. The dinner was tasty but a bit lacking according to the price
Anneke G.
December 3rd 2023
Katrina T.
November 29th 2023
One of the most enjoyable concerts ever. Exceeded our expectations… the classics but well performed and an unmissable experience… up there with some of best experiences.