Ramses the Great & the Gold of the Pharaohs, – La Grande Halle, la Villette Ramses the Great & the Gold of the Pharaohs, – La Grande Halle, la Villette

Ramses the Great & the Gold of the Pharaohs, – La Grande Halle, la Villette

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This product is no more available on our website.
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What to expect

Journey into the heart of the kingdom of Ramses II, one of the great builders of ancient Egypt.

Ramses II, the famous builder of the Egypt of the Pharaohs, but also a fine warrior, continues to fascinate because of his extraordinary destiny. His life, his reign and his posterity are the focus of the exhibition ‘Ramses the Great & the Gold of the Pharaohs. To discover from 7 April to 6 September 2023, at the Grande Halle de la Villette.

On this very special occasion, 181 priceless treasures, all symbols of ancient Egyptian culture, reflect 3,000 years of history and the reign of one of the most famous pharaohs of all time. Some of the artefacts, on loan from the Egyptian government, have never before left their home country to be exhibited here.
Come and take the opportunity to see the famous tomb of Ramses II, back in France after a 45-year absence following its restoration.

Discover, statues, sarcophagi, royal masks furniture from the tombs of Tanis, animal mummies, jewellery including a ring bearing the effigy of Queen Nefertari and an exquisite gold necklace, all reflecting the golden age of ancient Egypt.

Then travel back in time with never-before-seen images of spectacular panoramic views filmed thanks to privileged access to many of Egypt's iconic sites.
Finally, there's an immersive virtual reality adventure that takes you through the temple of Abu Simbel and the tomb of Queen Nefertari. It is also an occasion to explore in detail the famous hiding place of the Theban necropolis, rediscovered in 1881, where the tomb of Ramses II was hidden along with other royal mummies.


  • A historical loan of numerous ancient Egyptian treasures, including the famous tomb of Ramses II, now back in France after 45 years.
  • A wide ranging exhibition, suitable for both adults and children.
  • Never-before-seen footage of ancient sites.
  • A virtual reality tour of the famous Theban necropolis, almost as if you were there, at your own pace.