Petit Palais - Théodore Rousseau "The Voice of the Forest" exhibition Petit Palais - Théodore Rousseau "The Voice of the Forest" exhibition

Petit Palais - Théodore Rousseau "The Voice of the Forest" exhibition


The Paris of Modernity 1905 - 1925

Le Petit Palais - Théodore Rousseau, The voice of the forest

Le Petit Palais - Théodore Rousseau, The voice of the forest

A retrospective of the work of Théodore Rousseau, the great 19th-century painter
The exhibition brings together nearly a hundred works from major French museums such as the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay, and European museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Gallery in London
This exhibition thus demonstrates Rousseau's emeritus place in the art of landscape painting. The painter needed to immerse himself in nature. It is all the more resonant now, in view of current ecological issues and the way we view our natural surroundings.


What to expect

Discover art at its best at the Musée du Petit Palais. Paris, artistic brilliance in 100 years of captivating exhibitions.

Immerse yourself in artistic splendor at the Petit Palais, a cultural treasure trove in the heart of Paris. This architectural masterpiece houses an eclectic collection, from classic masterpieces to contemporary creations. Marvel at the elegance of the rooms, from the mosaics to the refined details, as each gallery transports you through artistic eras. Explore captivating temporary exhibitions, highlighting emerging artists and innovative themes.

This spring 2024, the Petit Palais is proud to present an exhibition dedicated to Théodore Rousseau (1812-1867), an emblematic figure of the Barbizon movement and a pioneer of ecology through his art. This unique retrospective explores the work and life of Rousseau, whose passion for nature not only influenced his artistic work, but also contributed to the birth of modern ecological awareness. Through his captivating paintings and lively sketches, discover how Rousseau captured the very essence of nature, making a fight for its preservation.

The exhibition "Théodore Rousseau and the Soul of Nature" invites you on a timeless journey to the heart of the forest of Fontainebleau, a major source of inspiration for Rousseau. Over a hundred works, including sketches made on the spot and paintings completed in his studio, reveal the artist's unique sensitivity to natural landscapes. As you explore the various sections of the exhibition, you'll learn about Rousseau's innovative approach, between Romanticism and Realism, and understand his crucial role in the evolution of landscape painting in France.

Good to know:

  • The exhibition is open from March 05, 2024 to July 07, 2024. We advise you to book your tickets online to guarantee your entry.
  • Preferential rates for young people, students and groups.
  • The Petit Palais is accessible to people with reduced mobility.


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75008 Paris
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George V, 5 Av. des Champs-Élysées - 75008 Paris
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839372Grand Palais
4273Concorde - Cours La Reine

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