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Visit one of Paris's neighborhoods from a whole new angle, thanks to your guide!

Explore the cultural and artistic richness of Paris in an original and immersive way with My Urban Experience. Whether you're a family or a curious visitor, these guided tours will take you on a unique and fun discovery of Paris' most emblematic neighborhoods. Immerse yourself in the world of street art in Belleville, or delve into the captivating mysteries of Montmartre with an escape game suitable for children aged 6 and over.

Discover Belleville's street art scene on an exciting guided tour with My Urban Experience. This bohemian, creative district is packed with artistic treasures hidden in its colorful streets. Follow your expert guide through the lively alleyways and discover the works of internationally renowned artists as well as emerging talents on the urban art scene. You'll immerse yourself in the world of graffiti, murals and stencils, while learning about the techniques and messages behind each creation. An unforgettable visual and cultural experience not to be missed.

Embark on a captivating, mystery-filled adventure in Montmartre with My Urban Experience's Escape Game "Les Mystères de Montmartre". This interactive escape game is specially designed for families and children aged 6 and over. You'll be immersed in the spellbinding atmosphere of the Montmartre district, and will have to solve riddles and puzzles to unveil the well-kept secrets of this emblematic place. This fun and entertaining experience will allow you to discover Montmartre in an interactive and immersive way, while stimulating your team spirit and your thinking. It's the ideal way to share moments of complicity as a family, while exploring Montmartre's fascinating history.

My Urban Experience offers a unique approach to discovering Parisian neighborhoods. Guided tours are designed to give you a different perspective of Paris, highlighting its artistic, cultural and historical heritage. Whether you're an urban art enthusiast, a fan of puzzles or simply curious to discover the neighborhoods from a playful angle, these tours are made for you.

Parisian neighborhood tours with My Urban Experience allow you to fully immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and enjoy an authentic experience. Our expert guides will share their passion and knowledge with you, revealing fascinating anecdotes and little-known stories. You'll discover hidden aspects of Paris, from iconic landmarks to unusual corners, and be amazed by the diversity and richness of the capital.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience in Paris with My Urban Experience. Book your guided tour of Parisian neighborhoods now, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Street Art in Belleville, or take on the enigmatic challenges of the Escape Game "Les Mystères de Montmartre". Whether you're with family or friends, these fun-filled tours promise moments of discovery, pleasure and wonder. Explore Paris in a new way and be surprised by the beauty and authenticity of its neighborhoods.

Discover hidden gems of street art in Belleville during an immersive and unique guided tour. Local artists will guide you through the streets of this dynamic district to show you the best works of street art.

Customer Reviews

4.5/52,799 reviews

Mikinley M.
April 14th 2024
I thought the pass was a great way to start exploring Paris. I did several activities I would never have found on my own (perfume making, personal audio walking tours) that I really enjoyed. I had a little trouble knowing which number to use for the external booking sites, but everything worked out okay. Overall a great pass for people experiencing Paris for the first time or who aren’t really sure what they want to do.
Damian G.
April 13th 2024
Good experience overall.
April 10th 2024

entry into the museum was exactly at the scheduled time, wonderful museum