Matisse, cahiers d’art - The Pivotal 1930s Matisse, cahiers d’art - The Pivotal 1930s

Matisse, cahiers d’art - The Pivotal 1930s

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What to expect

In the 1930s, Matisse reinvented himself and produced many modern and innovative works of art.

Despite Henri Matisse's flourishing career, very few exhibitions have focused specifically on the 1930s, a pivotal period in his art. The exhibition Matisse, cahiers d’art - The Pivotal 1930s showing at the Musée de l’Orangerie from 1 March to 29 May 2023 is devoted exclusively to this decade.

In 1930, Matisse, already a widely recognized artist, went through a crisis of inspiration and set sail for Tahiti, consciously imposing a change of direction on his career and his work. He returned with numerous works and reinvented himself. This prolific artistic trip is recounted in the avant-garde artistic and literary revue, the Cahiers d'art.

Some one hundred or so works, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and prints are exhibited in the light of period documents, photographs, films, and several articles from the Cahiers d'art.

An opportunity to admire the artist's famous odalisques and many paintings from the United States that are very rarely exhibited in France, such as the ‘Grand Nu Couché de Baltimore’, ‘Le Chant de Houston’ and the ‘La Blouse Roumaine’ series.


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