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Holland Bikes : bike tours

Discover Paris by bike with Holland Bikes! Choose from a selection of guided bike tours that will let you discover the beauty of Paris in an active and immersive way.

Hop on a bike and delve into the secrets of Paris with the Secret Paris guided bike tour. You'll explore the city's little-known corners, quaint little streets, hidden courtyards and secret gardens. This experience will reveal an unusual facet of Paris.

If you'd rather discover Paris' must-sees, opt for the Highlights Bike Tour. This tour will take you through the city's most emblematic sites, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

Bike tours offer a unique and environmentally-friendly way to discover Paris. Pedal along the banks of the Seine, pass through charming Parisian neighborhoods and soak up the city's atmosphere. You'll also enjoy informative commentary from expert guides who'll share anecdotes and stories about Paris with you.

Book your bike tour now and get ready to pedal through the lively streets of the French capital!

Jump on a real Dutch bike and be surprised by a secret agenda!
from €43
Discover the capital's key landmarks during this 3-hour bike ride
from €37

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December 4th 2023
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December 3rd 2023
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November 29th 2023
One of the most enjoyable concerts ever. Exceeded our expectations… the classics but well performed and an unmissable experience… up there with some of best experiences.