Exhibitions of the moment Exhibitions of the moment

Exhibitions of the moment

Experience an unforgettable autumn with the exhibitions we have chosen for you.


Atelier des Lumières

The Atelier des Lumières presents its two new immersive exhibits : « Chagall, Paris – New York » as a long feature and « Paul Klee, painting music » as a short feature.

Exhibition ‘Kimono’ at Quai Branly Museum

Discover the history of the traditional Japanese garment, spanning more than a thousand years from its origins to the present.

Top Secret: cinema and espionage - Cinémathèque Française

Undercover in the heart of the intelligence services.

Notre Dame, Versailles, The City of 4000 - Toit de la Grande Arche

Three photographic stories of Paris, the impact of the passing of time and people


From March 28 to July 23, 2023
Degas and Manet, their works, their lives and what divided them


Matisse, cahiers d’art - The Pivotal 1930s

The artistic renaissance of Matisse through the prism of the Cahiers d’Art

Basquiat X Warhol. Painting Four Hands

See the rich artistic collaboration between two leading artists of the 20th century
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Ramses the Great & the Gold of the Pharaohs, – La Grande Halle, la Villette

The golden age of ancient Egypt and its pharaoh Ramses II are waiting to be discovered in a spectacular exhibition

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4.8/538 reviews

March 13th 2023
The tourist office charges more than the vending machines - tourist tax?!
Janette B.
March 9th 2023
Had a wonderful day. Thank you.
Eeva H.
March 8th 2023
You should give clear instructions how to use the card, that the qr-code is not enough! We embarrassed ourselves at the Museum of d’Orsay today because we did not understand that.