La Cité de l'Histoire La Cité de l'Histoire

La Cité de l'Histoire


La Cité de l'Histoire - 6000m2 for time travel

Cité de l’Histoire

Cité de l’Histoire

Discover the finest pages in the history of mankind at the Cité de l'Histoire.
Three main attractions, a space entirely dedicated to History, a universe inspired by different eras...
Ultra-immersive shows and technological animations, young and old can relive the great events of the past.
Immersive Journey, 360° Ellipse, Timeline.


What to expect

Welcome to the Cité de l'Histoire, an unforgettable journey through the great events of the past.

This unique attraction in Paris uses cutting-edge technology to bring French and world history to life. Discover three main attractions: an immersive journey through the history of France, the 360° Ellipse focused on a historical figure, and an interactive timeline on the history of mankind.

La Clé des Siècles takes you on an exceptional adventure through the history of France. Each room, each character encountered, takes you on an exciting journey through the centuries. Sensations are heightened tenfold thanks to temperature, humidity, sound and movement effects, creating an astonishing multi-sensory experience. Suitable for all ages, this narrative journey is enhanced by the voices of Franck Ferrand and Anissa Haddadi.

Au Temps des Mousquetaires offers total immersion thanks to 360° video projection. You'll find yourself in the midst of the key events of the Musketeers' era. Scenes come to life around you in an elliptical arena, thanks to videomapping techniques.

Le Couloir du Temps is an innovative visual and interactive experience. This digital timeline lets you navigate freely through 400 major dates in world history. Explore at your own pace, thanks to touch-screen terminals and tablet quizzes.

The Cité de l'Histoire offers a fascinating immersion in the past, bringing history alive and accessible to all. Book your ticket and get ready to travel back in time at the Cité de l'Histoire, where history comes alive like never before.

Good to know for your immersive experience:

  • Meeting point: 1 parvis de La Défense, 92800 Puteaux (Under the Grande Arche)
  • Length of visit: 3 hours
  • Please note: Strollers are not allowed in Cité de l'Histoire events.


1 Parvis de la Défense
92800 Puteaux
Public transportation
1La Défense Grande Arche
ALa Défense (Grande Arche)

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